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Frequently Asked Questions?

~How does your ordering work?

A:  Fierce & Fancy has a limited preorder once every month or two.  (Limited preorder means that even though you preorder the item, I only have a limited amount available for preordering of each kind/size). I will announce the preorder date/time at least 1 week in advance so you have plenty of time to plan.

~All items in a limited PREORDER are just that...preordered.  (Limited preorder means that even though you preorder the item I only have a limited amount available for preordering of each kind/size). Which means that you order, I then buy all supplies after that preorder ends, I work on the production of all scrubs ordered during the set preorder time and then I ship them out to you once they are ALL complete.  Turn around time (TAT) is 2-4 weeks for a preorder. Please do not order if you do not agree to that TAT. (I usually have them out sooner, but it all depends on supply delivery to me) 

~All items listed as EXTRAS (from my current preorder) are RTS (Ready To Ship) items. This does mean that my items are limited quantities and you may want to snag them while you can. However, it also means they ship faster and you get to enjoy them sooner!  Please allow 5-7 days for your handmade-with-love, premium whipped, amazing sugar scrub to be shipped!

*To keep up with the dates of preorders you can always follow me on IG: @fierce_and_fancy_soap (and make sure to turn ON post notifications) or on FB: Fierce and Fancy Soap.

~Do you only sell sugar scrubs?

A:  YES!  I have dabbled in many other products, but sugar scrubs are what I LOVE to make. I choose to stay focused on what I am passionate about and I have so much fun making them. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them for you!

~Why are all your items sold out?

A:  I make all my scrubs in small batches. They tend to sell out very fast and usually within the first day or two of my limited preorders.

~Do you have international shipping?

A:  Fierce & Fancy does offer international shipping to Canada. Due to so many issues with international shipping I can not offer shipping to other countries at this time.  Please read all about the terms on the shipping page.

~Do you combine orders?

A:  YES!  I do combine orders as long as:

1)  Orders are made on the SAME day.

2)  ALL the information is identical on each order. Name, address, email address, etc. Spelling, capitalization etc.

     EX: Joe Smith and joe smith...WILL NOT WORK

3)  You put a NOTE stating that you would like the second order combined with the previous order and INCLUDE order #.

If all 3 steps above are not completed I can not guarantee that your orders will be combined.

~Do you refund shipping overages?

A:  Yes I do! After combining your orders I will refund any overages $2 or more.  This will be done at the time of shipping and depending on how you paid it may take up to 7-10 days to see the refund in your account.

~What is the shelf life of your whipped sugar scrubs and coffee scrub?

A:  One year. Please store them in a dry, dark, cool place. Coffee Scrub shelf life is 6-8 weeks.

~Can I send an order as a gift?

A:  Of course! Just fill out the gift form when you place your order. Make sure to put their address as the shipping and I will send it straight to them! 

~Do you send FREE samples?

A: I do include a small sample in orders when I have them available.    

~Do you do custom orders?

A:  Please email me: to inquire.

~Are your products VEGAN friendly?

A: YES!  Almost all of them are 100% vegan friendly with the exception of 2 scrubs.  This is due to the color of mica used in them, containing Carmine. Those 2 scrubs are:  Rose Quartz Shun the Non-believers

Everything else is bought through a very reputable company with high standards. This is why I continue to purchase my ingredients through them. :)

~Do you except wholesale orders?

A:  Please email me: to inquire. 

~Can you HOLD items?

A:  I do NOT hold items for customers as it is only fair for each customer to have a chance to grab them at the restock. I do however give plenty of notice (2 weeks at least) of when the next restock will take place. This gives you time to set an alert and plan your list. 


I do offer LOCAL pickup.  If you would like to pick up your order please leave me a note saying you would like to do so. When your order is ready I will refund your shipping and contact you for pickup plans.

~ All of my items are priced based on ingredients, supplies I use and time it takes me to get them made. I am a one woman business and I strive for QUALITY over QUANTITY.

~ All lost, stolen or damaged items will not be refunded. Once items arrive at the post office, it is out of my hands and no longer in my control. Please make sure to keep a close eye on your tracking information. If you have problems with with your shipment, please contact your local post office and file a complaint with them if necessary. Thank you.

If any packages are returned to me due to address issues or due to any other reason that is not an error on my part, I will have to charge you another shipping fee to have it fixed and reshipped. I always send an email to the customer if my shipping site prompts an address issue and try to get it fixed before I send your items.  I also always email the customer if I do have a package returned. If I do not get a response within a week then the item will be put back on the shelf and I will refund you the item amount at a discount (due to shipping supplies I can not reuse), but not the shipping. This is why it is SO important to do your part as the customer to keep track of your shipping info. Thank you so much for understanding.

~ PLEASE remember I am a one woman business and I do everything myself. Running a small business is not an easy task. I enjoy what I do and I try my hardest to run Fierce & Fancy Soap with little to no mistakes, but let's be real...I am only human. :) If you ever have an issue or complaint PLEASE email me at: I will try my hardest to resolve the issue if possible. No one hates mistakes more than I do when it comes to my business. I appreciate you understanding that mistakes happen and that kindness matters.